Monday, October 23, 2006

Human Species May Split In Two

A creepy article on the BBC News website suggests that in the relatively near future Humanity (100,000 years' time) may split in two.

The article describes the two tracks as a genetic upper class and a 'dim-witted' underclass as a result of individuals becoming choosier about who they partnered with. The upper class is characterized in the article as being tall, slim, healthy, attractive and intelligent while the other branch is proposed to be dim-witted, ugly, squat and goblin-like.

Additionally, the authors propose that by this time race will have been effectively erased with all humans sharing a common skin tone, tall stature and long life span.

I'd love to read the original paper that spawned this article. It sounds more like a prime time science fiction program than serious science given the heavy bent used to describe the proposed changes. Check you in 100,000 years to see how accurate the prediction is!

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