Friday, October 20, 2006

Best Company Name Ever. Genetic Saving & Clone

What can I say... their pet cloning service may not have succeeded, but I'm thinking they can spin themselves into a branding firm.

According to Wired Genetic Saving & Clone will be closing its doors very shortly. Who would have thought that there wasn't a market for a $50,000 cloned cat - $32,000 after a last ditch price chop... a cat that would like bear little or no resemblance personality-wise to its loved predecessor.

As catchy as the firm's name may be I can only recall hearing about it recently. This despite the fact that it's been in operation for 6 years. 6 years and 2 cloned cats sold. That's a lot of starting at your cube-mate and playing solitaire waiting for a cat to gestate.

First mover advantage?
File this one under technology ahead of its time (if it has a time at all).

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